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VA Housing Payment Calculator

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How does the VA Funding Fee work?
VA Purchase Loans
Down Payment < 5%
2.15% - First time VA loan user (non-reservist) 2.40% - First time VA loan user (reservist) 3.30% - Subsequent use VA borrowers
5% to 9.99% Down Payment
1.50% - non-reservist 1.75% - reservist
10% or more Down Payment
1.25% - non-reservist 1.50% - reservist
VA Refinance Loans
Cashout Refinance
2.15% - First time VA loan user (non-reservist) 2.40% - First time VA loan user (reservist) 3.30% - Subsequent use VA borrowers
Note: All VA loan refinances that are not Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans (IRRRL) are considered cashout refinances. Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan 0.05% - VA IRRRL
VA Funding Fee Exemption
Veterans with service related disability of 10% or more are exempt from the VA funding fee in most cases. Your certificate of eligibility will state your exempt status.
What are the VA Loan Limits where I live?

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